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I opened my first bank account at the age of 16 and learn how to do taxes the following year. I had no clue this would lead me into the financial world where my love of money and people would collide. My first job as a young adult was as a bank teller, there I learned how to keep a general ledger, simply accounting policies, and was introduced to 401k plans and investment. I enrolled in an accounting course in Connecticut in 1990 in hopes of learning more about my new passion (money and investments). It wasn’t until I moved to Georgia that I decided to seek higher education and in 1997 I attended Chattahoochee Tech in the Accounting program where I earned my AS in Accounting.  


In 2000 I was accepted into the Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson School of Business where I continued my studies in Accounting and Finance.  In 2011 Cash Accountants Inc. was born and made possible by sister-in-love Cavell R. Dudley and I.  Our inspiration was to start a business that would educate and assist our community with the financial tools and knowledge of money matters, investments, and generational wealth. 


The goal of Cash Accountants Inc. is to assist with our client's financial matters as well as provide the tools needed to grow your wealth for our clients and their family. 

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