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Debit and Credit Cards are not your Friends!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Remember you can not spend what you don't have - this is why banks and credit merchants love you. The more you use your credit cards the more money they are making and in the meantime, your spending is getting out of control.

We have gotten too comfortable whipping out our debit and credit cards for everything from that $2.00 drink at the gas station to $50 purchases at the store when you only went to buy light bulbs. We have gotten away from our budgeting goals so we spend, spend, and spend. Stop it!

Try leaving your cards at home - yes, you heard me, don't look at me like I'm crazy. You want to get out of debt and save? Well, here is your assignment for this month or at least the next few weeks.

1. Become a member then download our Daily Expense Dairy form in the member's section. Write down everything you spent this week then multiply by 4 (this is your approximate spend per month)

2. Stop by your favorite Dollar Store and grab some envelopes. Label each envelope with things you spend money on weekly i.e Lunch, gas, get the picture.

3. Refer back to your Daily Expense Dairy and determine how much money you will need for the week (this is your weekly Budget) Fill your envelopes with the amount of cash you need. (Leave the debit card at home or tucked away in your wallet in case of an emergency)

4. When you make a purchase always pay in whole dollars - ex: your purchase is $2.68 give them $3.00 and put the 32 cents in your change pot (here's where the savings come in). By the end of the month, the spare change is what you deposit into your savings.

Don't sweat the small change hint LOL you got this! Don't forget to follow me on all social media and I'll catch you next week with another tip.


Until next time, follow up on our social media platforms and we will catch next week with another tip!

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